The personal installment loan is a bank financing technique allowing households to complete the purchase of consumer goods or to finance their personal needs. Multiple projects can be financed by signing a personal loan: Car purchase, work and home renovation, travel, weddings, births ... You can consult our guide staff ready for more.

Therefore, families usually resort to personal loans. In fact, few people can buy a new car for cash. The solutions offered by households that want a personal loan are:

Banks: to find the financial solution adapted to your profile, you can call your bank advisor who knows everything about your financial profile. Unfortunately, this solution is slow, and most importantly, the quality of the relationship you have with your advisor is less good ...

Financial credit establishments and financial companies: unlike banks, which offer a quick and efficient solution. However, the quality of the cardboard is practically non-existent.

The special (live): this alternative (if it is a call to a relative or a stranger) is assured little discouraged. In case of failure or legal remedies are truly limited.

Innovations are required to offer a cheaper alternative, fast, transparent and secure borrowers.