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Credit specialist (personal loan, work project loan, loan school, home loan, investment, revolving credit, payment solutions and credit reimbursement) working capital is a major player in credit to consumption, mortgage loans and financing.

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Loan to finance a new car or a new bicycle?
The need to carry out work at home?
the head full of ideas and the desire to perform quickly ...

BCI FINANCE offers loans adapted to your situation. Whether for a specific need or to finance a long-term project, discover the benefits of trusting a consumer credit professional. When creating your online account, enjoy our solutions tailored to your needs and your ability to pay.

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The credit market is complex. Credit is an act that involves two key players: the lender and the borrower. The keys to the consumer that allowed him to make the right decision in full knowledge, is essential. Therefore, it is essential for working capital to inform, warn and reassure customers. BCI FINANCE historically has a pioneering role and has always anticipated changes in the consumer credit market. Today BANCO Finace FAST is as an actor moves in a changing market. Therefore, it is because working capital is listening to the evolution and needs of its clients, it is important to give them all the keys in order to help them make informed and studied decisions.

Listening, availability, accessibility, adaptability and empathy: BANCO DE FINANZAS RAPID stands out with a close relationship with the client, not even far away, for each application and each situation.

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Availability 99%
Speed 85%
The profitability of 90%
Solvency of 70%
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  • No problem I would advise if friends ask because the response was quick. I had to do with serious counselors. Thank you for giving me this loan I will be able to carry out my work.

    Daniel Dan ― MA System

  • Thanks for the work done, which saved more than € 7000 in the cost of credit. Availability, professionalism, performance and sensible banking network. We know that you can give us back to our future projects!

    Mark Wellbeck ― AC Software

BCI FINANCE regularly develops new projects and innovative concepts, in line with customers whose habits and customs are constantly evolving, especially mobility. community space, new online payment solutions, remote management of your accounts on your mobile phone, PDA to simulate applications of your budget or track expenses.

BCI FINANCE multiplies interactive tools to better serve the needs of its customers and strengthen the relationship of proximity that has with them through new uses.


  • Money
    Financing your construction projects, trips, business ...
    Buy cars, work and home renovation, travel, weddings, births ...
  • insurance
    To ensure the payment of your credit to the consumer in case of death ...
  • Disability insurance
    A doctor can make it difficult to repay the credit, Stephane-Finance ...
  • School loan
    Enjoy a loan at advantageous rates for students. There is no proof of ...
  • Collective financing
    Stephane-Finance to accompany you in your projects needs funds ...
  • Senior Credit Insurance
    To ensure payment of your credit to the consumer in case of death ...