CHOM Sol credit insurance (death, disability, illness, unemployment)

If health care or loss of rsquo; Employment, monthly payments of your consumer credit are set by your insurance.

A health problem or a loss of rsquo; Use can make it difficult to repay your repayment loans. BCI FINANCE will be able to provide support for your monthly payment for you or outstanding social capital, a promise of peace for you and your family!

To ensure the support of your reimbursements in case of loss of rsquo; the employment
Enrollment in CHOM Sun credit insurance, when you subscribe to your online credit file

The advantages


If you lose your job after a layoff, CHOAM guarantee repayment terms for you * during the search for d & rsquo; a new job (above & rsquo; from 6 months to 5 years) *.

How to join?


The membership is directly supporting your credit report, and is subject to their acceptance.